Shaheed Baba Deep Singh ji Club

Village Bhupnagar, P O-Kurali, Teh- Kharar, Distt. Mohali, PUNJAB


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Shaheed Baba Deep Singh Youth Welfare Club is a group of like minded young professionals as well as

students from different professions like social work, media, business, medical,and soon. It is a platform where people against addictions get assembled to think, speak and act against all kinds of harmful addictives and work for a peaceful and healthy society. And we have strong believe that “Iradey Neek Hoon to Rastey Nikal Aatey Hain” We believe that every youth must perform his/her prime work either in form of study or engagement with any profession as well as he/she has to work for the fulfillment towards the family or social expectations.

Apart from it, he/she must get leisure period. And every youth is full of some capacity, talent, skill or expertise. Thus, Club is trying to turn the energy of the youth into synergy by collective efforts for a greater cause of self introspection as well as human happiness. Here the Sankalpi members donate their leisure time, expertise, skill, knowledge and other possible resources for a true happy life. Thus Club is the manifestation of our passion not profession. We have been using public place like Dharamsala for open discussion and planning. Its main objective is to make a society free from deadly addictives. We are self motivated people with the spirit of strong volunteerism. Club was mainly initiated to make a tobacco free society. As we know that tobacco causes more deaths in India than HIV/Alcohol and accidents put together. Almost all 50% cancers in India are due to tobacco consumption alone. The total numbers of premature deaths caused by tobacco during 20th century has been estimated at about 100 million and, if current trends of tobacco use continue during the twenty-first century, the death toll is projected to go up to one billion. The World Health Organization (WHO), which provides these estimates, also predicts that India will have the fastest rate of rise in deaths attributable to tobacco in the first two decades of the twenty first century. However, both the State and civil society seem to be very indifferent to this issue as if it is no more a social concern at all. Apart from it, Media (fourth pillar of Indian Democracy) is also propagating for wide spread of tobacco and other deadly addictives through ads. When all the important pillars are favoring to mar the important population (children/youth) of the Nation by popularizing alchohol shops/ tobacco stalls, at the same time students and professionals and other young people from different groups are coming together to be an obstacle against the wide spread use of the deadly addictives under the banner of Club with complete dedication and  volunteerism.

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